7 Things to Hide to Sell Your Home Faster

When selling your home, it’s important to create a neutral backdrop that allows potential buyers to envision their own furnishings in the space. Sometimes the things you find quirky, others may find creepy. It’s always best to tuck away items that may influence your potential buyers’ love of your home. Here are seven things that should never be present in your home when showing it to an interested buyer.

  1. Your Weird Doll Collection: If you’re an avid collector of dolls, especially those with porcelain skin and beady eyes, it may be best to pack them away during open houses. While you may find them charming, potential buyers may be creeped out by rows of dolls staring back at them.
  2. Funeral Urns: It’s understandable to want to keep your loved one close, but having their cremation urn on display during showings can be a turn-off for buyers. They may feel uncomfortable with the idea of living in a home where someone’s remains are present.
  3. Taxidermy: While some people find taxidermy to be an art form, others find it unsettling. If you have stuffed formerly live animals or other preserved creatures on display, it may be best to store them away until after the sale.
  4. “Inappropriate” Art: Art is subjective, but it’s best to err on the side of caution when it comes to selling your home. Pieces that may be offensive or contain explicit content should be stored away before showings.
  5. Personal Hygiene Items: It’s common to leave out toiletries in the bathroom, but potential buyers don’t need to see your prescription medications or adult diapers. Keep those items in a drawer or cabinet.
  6. Religious or Political Memorabilia: While it’s fine to express your beliefs in your own home, displaying items related to religion or politics can be a turn-off for some buyers. It’s best to keep these items hidden during showings to avoid any potential conflicts.
  7. Anything That Smells: This may seem obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Make sure to eliminate any unpleasant odors, whether it’s from cooking, pets, or other sources. Fresh air and clean scents go a long way in making your home more inviting to buyers. Remember this little rhyme: if they can smell it, you may not sell it.

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World Design Day

April 27 is World Design Day. It’ s an major moment for the global design community as they come together to recognize the power of design in shaping our world. This special day has been celebrated every April 27 since 1963.

World Design Day is a great time to refresh your marketing materials and sport a new look for your business.

To celebrate the day, I’ve got a new banner and photo for Raising the Roof. Hope you like it!

I’d like to give a shout-out to all the talented graphic designers, interior designers, architects and professionals that make our world a more visually appealing place to live and thrive.

Home Improver: Rearranging Furniture for the Spring

Spring is a perfect time to give your home a fresh and new look by rearranging your furniture. By making some small changes to your furniture arrangement, you can easily transform your living space into a brighter, more inviting place. Here are some tips for rearranging furniture for the spring:

Declutter: Before you start rearranging your furniture, it’s essential to declutter your living space. Get rid of any unnecessary items and donate or sell what you don’t use anymore. Do this to create a more spacious and open feel in your home.

Create a Focal Point: Identify the focal point of your living room and arrange your furniture around it. This could be a fireplace, a large window, a big-screen TV or a piece of artwork. By doing this, you’ll create a natural gathering spot in the room and a sense of balance.

Add Some Greenery: Spring is all about new growth and fresh starts, so adding some greenery to your living space can help to bring the outdoors in. You can do this by placing some potted plants or flowers on a windowsill or adding some hanging plants to your walls.

Experiment with Layout: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different furniture layouts. Try moving your sofa to a different wall or swapping your armchairs around. By doing this, you’ll give your living space a new and exciting look.

Mix and Match: Mixing and matching furniture styles can create an eclectic and unique feel in your home. Don’t be afraid to pair a vintage armchair with a modern sofa or mix up your dining chairs.

Bring in Some New Pieces: Finally, consider adding some new pieces of furniture or accessories to your living space. This could be a new lamp, a colorful throw pillow, or a piece of artwork. By doing this, you’ll give your home a fresh and updated look for the spring season.