There’s no question that has evolved from a real estate curiosity to a major player in the industry. While some may think of it as a starting point for future homebuyers or simply an entertaining way for house-hunters to kill some time online, Zillow is emerging as a force that could disrupt the entire.. read more →

With the Powerball jackpot now over a billion dollars, many people purchasing tickets have fantasized about how incredible life would be if they somehow managed to beat the 292-million-to-1 odds and won the biggest lottery payout ever. It would truly be amazing and it would certainly present opportunities that the average person could never imagine… read more →

Debt is a four-letter word. Many people won’t talk about it, much less take it on, but you may be surprised to know that debt can be a good thing. Millennials hate debt, probably because they are drowning in it, primarily from high college loans, auto loans and high-interest credit cards. The debt they have.. read more →

Real estate trends occur for many reasons. The economy is often a factor, but other influences determine changes in demographics. The steady increase of women choosing career over family, combined with fewer couples marrying — or staying married — has led to a rising trend of single women buying homes. The National Association of Realtors.. read more →

You may have read an article in The Wall Street Journal or watched Diane Sawyer on ABC talking about housing market trends and alerting you of the best times to buy or sell your home. While the trends may be accurate on a national level, they may be entirely different when you consider them from a local.. read more →

22 Jan 2013
January 22, 2013

Mortgage Trends 2013


Where will mortgage rates head this year? Will the housing market pick up steam? Will the economy strengthen? We’ve gotten through January (and avoided the fiscal cliff), and while there’s still talk about debt ceilings and minting trillion dollar coins, I DO think it’s safe to make these predictions for 2013. Prediction #1: Refinancings Will.. read more →