Customer Story:
The Value of a Mortgage Broker

Amy Garcia of Sharon, MA was referred to Debbie Siegel over 10 years ago and still continues working with her today.

“We’ve had the pleasure of working with Debbie Siegel of Westchester Mortgage in multiple purchase and refinance transactions over the years.

Each and every time, Debbie shows us exactly how important it is to work with a mortgage broker rather than a traditional lender.

Simply put, Debbie is magical in her ability to guide you through the mortgage application process. Her straight-forward approach and care in handling complex financial details are such a comfort. She’s helpful beyond measure when explaining what documentation is necessary, and always keeps us informed on how the process is moving along.

Most recently, when we determined that market volatility presented a good time to refinance, it was so easy to pick up the phone and get the ball rolling. Debbie let us know exactly what documentation she needed, and as usual, we closed quickly and efficiently. The best part was saving $400 per month, which was well-timed: we have a daughter heading to college in the fall and these funds will certainly come in handy!

By comparison, we’ve also been trying to refinance directly with a lender for an out-of-state property, and unfortunately have had the polar opposite experience. The lender sent us an application and basically left us to our own devices to navigate and manage the process. As I sit here writing the 16th email in an attempt to make progress, I’m so grateful for Debbie, who would have had this refinance done by now. If only she were licensed in New Jersey!”

May 27, 2020