Required Documentation

Commonly Requested Documentation When Applying for a Mortgage

The documentation required when applying for a loan varies based on your situation and the type of loan you’re seeking. The documentation listed below is a very thorough list, but we may need less—or more—based on your situation and loan requirements, so please call 617-965-1236 to discuss your lending needs.

By the way, don’t worry! We understand opening up your financial life like this can be stressful. We don’t make judgments. Also, please know that our job isn’t to simply gather the information. Our goal is to put the paperwork together, connect the dots, and deliver a complete package to the underwriter in a format that’s clear to him or her. Because the clearer the picture is to the underwriter, the smoother the process will be for you.

In the meantime, the items below are a good place to start.

Residence information for past two years including:

  • Number of years at the location
  • Address, city, state, and zip

Monthly income. Include all sources such as:

  • Base Salary (before taxes)
  • Overtime
  • Bonuses
  • Commission
  • Dividend Interest
  • Rental Income

List of all assets. This may include items such as:

  • 401K statements
  • IRA statements
  • Stock and Bond information

List of all debt/liabilities:

  • Child support/alimony
  • Car payments
  • Student loans
  • Co-signed loans

Banking/Financial Institution information including the name, address, and account number for:

  • Checking and Money Market Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Stocks and Bonds
  • Retirement Funds
  • Mutual Funds

Employment information for the last 2 years. Include:

  • Employer name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Job title

Total housing expenses. Including:

  • Current rent or mortgage payment
  • Other financing such as second mortgages or equity      lines
  • Hazard insurance
  • Real estate taxes
  • Mortgage insurance

Do you have any questions? We’re here to help, always. Call 617-965-1236.