Value of a Mortgage Broker

Amy Garcia has been a client of Debbie’s for over 10 years. She appreciates the personal touch of a mortgage broker like Debbie compared to the treatment she’s experienced with traditional lenders.

A Client’s Refinancing Tale

Julie is a divorced mom with a teenager at home. Her finances were perilously low, and she needed help. A friend of hers who had worked with Debbie previously asked Julie to call Westchester Mortgage to explore her options.

Guidance Beyond Closing

After having successfully refinanced through Debbie Siegel in 2016, Tim Walsh returned again in 2019 when his town had approved a tax override. Debbie not only helped them refinance enough to cover the taxes but saved them several hundred dollars a month.

Buying a Home in a Hot Market

Tricia was no stranger to the home-buying process. She and her husband had owned a condo in Chicago before relocating to the Boston area, so she had experienced the twists and turns that the mortgage application process can take.

Refinancing After Divorce

When Roberta and her former husband divorced in 2007, they agreed that they would keep the family home until their son graduated from high school. But plans changed along the way. Enter Debbie Siegel.

A Tale of Two Refinancing Experiences

When Susan refinanced to take advantage of low rates in 2011, she was enticed by the “no closing costs” and rock-bottom rates offered by her credit union. She didn’t anticipate the three months of aggravation and legwork that would accompany the attractive offer.

The Power of a Smooth Financing Experience

Kevin and his young family were living in a condo that Kevin owned in Newton. They were ready to buy a single family home in the area west of Boston and had begun their search. Debbie helped the process by lining up the pre-approval documents so that when Kevin and his wife found a house they liked, they would be able to make an official offer.

Hannah and Dominic’s Refinance

Hannah and Dominic faced several refinancing challenges: a jumbo loan, a high home equity line, and a real financial need to reduce their payments fast.