Customer Story:
Refinancing After Divorce

When Roberta and her former husband divorced five years ago, they agreed that they would keep the family home until their son graduated from high school. Roberta and her son lived in the home until he moved on to college, but then Roberta’s daughter and mother came to live with her. She decided that staying put was the best option, so Roberta went back to court to revise the divorce agreement.

That was the easy part. “I wanted to refinance and take cash out to buy out my husband, but he was very uncooperative. He demanded unnecessary forms and deliberately held up the process,” says Roberta.

Refinancing could have been agony, but Roberta says that Debbie saved the day. “Debbie was our go between and really minimized tensions. She ‘got it’ and stayed on top of things so I didn’t have to worry about them.” Roberta jokes that Debbie was “kind of like a lawyer but a lot more accessible.”

After the November 2010 refinancing, Debbie stayed in touch with Roberta. She kept an eye on Roberta’s credit rating and mortgage interest rates so they could leap at a great refinancing deal when the time was right. In April 2012, Roberta refinanced again.

Roberta says she is extremely grateful for Debbie’s expertise and support.

“Debbie is a person you can rely on. She is down-to-earth, efficient and just a tremendous help.”

Debbie is grateful for the kind words but feels that she is just doing her job. According to Debbie, “Westchester Mortgage is here to help people get the mortgage products that they need and we’ll do whatever legwork is necessary to make that happen.”

May 12, 2012