Is Forbearance a Good Option or a Re-fi Trap?

As the U.S. slowly returns to work, analysts are warning of another possible wave of layoffs as businesses restructure in a post-coronavirus economy. You may find yourself or a loved one in financial difficulty — even if it’s a temporary situation.

In this case, when household budgets are stretched to the maximum, you have the option of requesting forbearance which can temporarily postpone your mortgage payments and those will be tacked on to the end of your mortgage term. Don’t mistake forbearance for debt forgiveness.

This may seem like a godsend in difficult times – and it can be – but read on to learn about how being granted forbearance can work against you.

As of this past Monday, nearly 4.3 million homeowners were in forbearance plans.

The Massachusetts Division of Banks, in a memo sent in late March, said that “institutions will implement all reasonable and necessary change to provide relief to those adversely impacted borrowers during this state of emergency, and continuing thereafter, as necessary.”

This relief package includes:

  • Forbearing mortgage payments for 60 or more days from their due dates
  • Waiving late payment fees and any online payment fees for a period of 60 days
  • Postponing foreclosures for 60 days
  • Offering borrowers an additional 60-day grace period to complete trial loan modifications, and ensuring that late payments during the COVID-19 pandemic do not affect their ability to obtain permanent loan modifications

While an approved forbearance request can be a much-needed relief in difficult times, it is part of your mortgage history and will remain on your record, though not necessarily in a punitive way.

For more information on COVID-19 assistance, visit the CARES Act government website.

If you are planning to take advantage of a lower rate through a refinance, you should be aware that you may have to get caught up in full before your new loan is approved. So if your three-month forbearance was tacked to the end of your mortgage, you would essentially be undoing the forbearance and paying the months you had skipped in order for your refinance to go through.

Coming up with three three months of mortgage payments may be insurmountable at this time, especially when you opted for forbearance in the first place. In addition, you may need to show where the funds came from to cover the months of forbearance. Whether you borrowed the money or if it was gifted to you, the banks may choose to decline the refinance if they conclude that you’re still too deep in financial difficulty or uncertainty.

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Happy Juneteenth!

Juneteenth is a holiday celebrated annually in almost every state on June 19 and often through the weekend. Its name is a portmanteau (combination) of the date.

Although the Emancipation Proclamation had formally freed enslaved people almost two-and-a-half years earlier, Texas was the most remote of the slave-states, with a low presence of Union troops, so enforcement of the proclamation had been slow and inconsistent. It finally came on June 19, 1865 in Galveston, Texas.

In 1980, Texas became the first state to recognize Juneteenth as a state holiday. In 2020, all but three states observe it as a state holiday.

In 2007, Massachusetts was the 25th state to recognize Juneteenth as a state holiday and as recognition of this event gains momentum, it is possible that Juneteenth could become a federal holiday in a few years.

June’s Home Improver: The Best Toilet Paper for Septic Systems

We are in our third month of COVID-19 and even though many are returning to regular day-to-day activities, one thing remains constant: toilet paper is still hard to find and many continue to hoard it. Because of the scarcity you may have gladly accepted whatever was on the supermarket’s shelves, but that could be an issue if your home has a septic system.

Not all toilet paper is the same, and those differences could create issues with your septic system. Your best bets are products that are biodegradable, made from recycled paper, and, of course, septic-safe. Here are the brands offering the best results for problem-free flushing. You may be surprised (and relieved) to see some familiar brands.

  1. Scott – Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper
  2. Angel Soft
  3. Quilted Northern Regular or Ultra Plush
  4. Cottonelle Ultra Comfort Care
  5. Amazon Brand – Presto! Ultra Soft
  6. Firebelly Outfitters Brand – RV Toilet Paper
  7. Whole Foods Brand – Seventh Generation Toilet Paper

These papers are fast-dissolving and that includes multi-ply and quilted. Other bands may seem thinner, but that does not guarantee their ability to dissolve quickly. If your store is out of your favorite brand, consider one of the above to keep your septic system safe.