Why Choose Debbie?

Why Choose Debbie?
One of the questions that comes up with new clients is: Why should I choose Westchester Mortgage over a big bank? It’s a fair question. Your mortgage is a huge investment and you should carefully choose the person you want to work with for the best possible outcome.

I asked a client to discuss why they chose to work with me for both a refinance and a purchase transaction Here are the reasons and their responses for choosing me:

Big bank vs. small business: “Ultimately, we wanted to work with a person, not a company.”

Responsiveness: “Debbie was terrific. Every time we needed her she was there with a prompt response and good information. One day we called her in a panic because we wanted to make an offer that included a quick closing date, and needed to know how quickly we could move to get our offer in motion. My husband left her a message and within 30 minutes, she called us back — from the Bahamas! We were so impressed!”

Industry knowledge: “After the searching was over and we had an offer accepted, Debbie continued guide us through the next steps. She was able to clearly explain all of the mortgage numbers and other costs; everything was transparent and even though some of this financial jargon sounded like a foreign language at first, Debbie communicated and translated it all in a way that we easily understood.”

Honesty: “Debbie is very direct and not afraid to ask questions. Her responses are clear and matter-of-fact; She always kept the process moving, yet we never felt rushed.”

Confidence and Trust: “You hear nightmare stories about people trying to secure financing or having mortgages fall through the day of closing, but we had no fear at all because of the confidence we had in Debbie Siegel. We would highly recommend her to anyone purchasing a new home or refinancing!”

June’s Home Value Improver

Fun with Filters!

Summer is here and so is the heat! Before you think you can cool off by flicking a switch on your air conditioner, you should clean out the filters first. The EPA has identified indoor air pollution as one of the top five urgent environmental risks to public health. By not changing your filters, you could be breathing in all sorts of pollutants like smoke, pollen, pet dander, rodent droppings and mold. This collection of nearly undetectable (and entirely gross) pollutants, can lead to severe respiratory illnesses. Filters in window air conditioners are inexpensive and easy to replace. You may need to call a professional if you have central air. By the way, clogged air filters make your air conditioner work up to five times harder to push out cool air, which dramatically raises your energy costs. So now you’re paying extra money to breathe in toxic air. Change those filters today!

All this filter research got me thinking about the other filters in the house. Make a point to change your:

Dryer filters. Did you know that one of the most common causes of house fires are blocked lint filters? It is important to clean these out regularly, but also to check for lint buildup behind, under and in the vents. Keep everything clear.

Water filters. Clean drinking water is important for everyone. If you use a filtration system like Brita, for example, make sure you regularly install a new cartridge. Also, check the filters on your sink faucets and pay special attention to the filter on the water dispenser on your refrigerator. Toxins can easily build over time and pollute what you may believe to be clean drinking water.

Dehumidifier filters. You may rely on a dehumidifier to regulate the amount of humidity in your home, but like any other air-processing device in your home, your dehumidifier requires a clean filter to work efficiently and keep you healthy.

Aquarium filters. Hey, pets are people, too. Well, no they’re not. But they deserve a healthy living space, just like you. Fish get their fresh air from clean water. Neglecting to clean the filter on your tank will make it harder for your fish to breathe. Toxins can lead to awfu-soundingl fish diseases like fin rot and pop-eye. And no one wants to look at a fish with rotting fins and exploding eyes. Give your fish — and yourself — a clean environment by changing your filters!