Happy Clients

The Proof is in Our Happy Clients

We take great pleasure in working with people on what is often the biggest financial transaction of their lives. We understand it’s stressful! We always try to help reduce the stressful parts. But don’t take our word for it. Read what some of our happy clients have to say.

“Westchester Mortgage is extremely flexible. They can accomplish things for people that other lenders often cannot. Their access to, and knowledge of, lenders who will be more creative means they can help a wide range of borrowers achieve their goals.” — Dana S., Real Estate Lawyer

“Debbie really listened to us. Other lenders were trying to get us to do crazy loans or just didn’t seem to have the experience to deal with a financial situation that was a little outside the norm. Debbie listened to what we wanted and got the job done…She is so reassuring, patient and responsive. I never had a doubt that we wouldn’t close on time.” Read more about this homebuyer’s journey here. — Tricia, MetroWest

“Things were about as stressful and jam packed as they ever get. But I was able to go through Debbie on everything related to the new mortgage. I never had to talk to the lender or the lender’s attorney—all conversations went through Debbie. She went to the closing, had all the paperwork, and made sure that it all went smoothly. It would not have gone that way if I had worked directly with the lender.” Read more about this homebuyer’s journey here. — Kevin Jarboe, Medfield

“I wanted to refinance and take cash out to buy out my husband, but he was very uncooperative. He demanded unnecessary forms and deliberately held up the process. Debbie was our go between and really minimized tensions. She ‘got it’ and stayed on top of things so I didn’t have to worry about them. Debbie is a person you can rely on. She is down-to-earth, efficient, and just a tremendous help.” Read more about this post-divorce refinancing journey here. — Roberta, Stoughton

“When we call Debbie, she picks up the phone or returns the call really quickly. We know she can put her fingers on all of our mortgage information immediately. We’ve heard so many nightmare stories from friends who call banks over and over only to get put off or have their paperwork ‘lost’ by someone in a big office somewhere. When we closed on our refinance during a school vacation week, Debbie and the lawyer brought the papers to our house for a weekday morning closing. She knew we had kids at home and wanted to accommodate us. That kind of personal service goes a long way!” Read more about this refinancing journey here. — Hannah and Dominic, Newton

“Borrowing money for your home can be an incredibly uncomfortable time for many people. It is great to know that there is someone who can walk you through this. Debbie is one of the most responsive people I know. I have never had a client who had trouble reaching her.” — Dana C., Real Estate Attorney