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Smooth Financing Experience
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Customer Story: The Power of a
Smooth Financing Experience

Two and a half years ago, Debbie Siegel was introduced to Kevin Jarboe through an area realtor who recommended her services. Kevin and his young family were living in a condo that Kevin owned in Newton. They were ready to buy a single family home in the area west of Boston and had begun their search.

Debbie began the process by lining up the pre-approval documents so that when Kevin and his wife found a house they liked, they would be able to make an official offer. When life got in the way and the Jarboes had to focus their attention elsewhere, they decided to put their move on hold.

They reached out to Debbie recently when they were ready to make their move. The Jarboes had found a home in Medfield that they thought would be great for them and their two children, ages 2 and 3. They wanted Debbie to help them secure their financing.

Because their purchase, like many, was contingent on their selling the Newton condo, there was a lot of paperwork, deadlines and negotiations involved.

"Even though Debbie wasn't directly involved in selling the condo, she was very helpful during the process," says Kevin. "When things came up, she got us the answers we needed. She really went out of her way."

In terms of Debbie's primary task of helping the Jarboes secure financing for the new house, Kevin says she was "exceedingly responsive, organized and on the ball."

With two young children, a demanding job at a law firm and the reality of closing on his condo sale in the morning and closing his home purchase that afternoon, Kevin says he appreciated Debbie's willingness to run the whole financing process.

"Things were about as stressful and jam packed as they every get," he recalls. "But I was able to go through Debbie on everything related to the new mortgage. I never had to talk to the lender or the lender's attorney - all conversations went through Debbie. She went to the closing, had all the paperwork and made sure that it all went smoothly. It would not have gone that way if I had worked directly with the lender."

Says Debbie: "It's very satisfying to be able to help families like the Jarboes. I understand how crazy life is with a full time job and a young family and I love being able to make the stressful process of home financing go as smoothly as possible."

November's Home Value Improver

5 Ways to Prep Your Dining Room for Holiday Guests

The holidays are here, and if you're on the hook for entertaining, listen up. Are you tired of your drab dining room? You know - that room that stores china for 12, but really just collects the mail and some laundry most days of the year?

Why not wow your guests this holiday season with a well-dressed, finished dining room? You'll impress them for the season, and get to enjoy your new and improved room all year long.

Add slipcovers.
I was recently surprised to learn that there is a large variety of slip covers for dining room chairs. You can even get ones specially designed for the holidays.

Change the lighting.
Light fixtures, especially dining room chandeliers, are often ignored. What else would explain my friend's Mission style dining room with a light fixture that looks like it belongs on a Viking ship?

Mix up the seating.
Each chair in your dining room does not necessarily have to match. Adding a small arm chair to the end of a table, or even some bench seating, can put a festive spin on your dining room.

Show your favorite plates.
If you come across vintage single plates at a tag sale and don't know what to do with them, here's an idea. Display them above your dining room sideboard. If you don't like the hodgepodge nature of this, display your own favorite dish collection. It will add some interest and conversation pieces to your room.

Don't forget the flowers.
Fresh flowers lift everyone's spirits, especially when the weather is getting chilly. Bring a little of that outside in!

Of course, the greatest way to spruce up your dining room is to fill it with family, friends, and laughter. Here's to a great Thanksgiving!

Westchester Mortgage

November 2011

I am thrilled to share a customer story with you this month. I find client case studies to be helpful when I am making decisions about who to partner with or hire, and I hope you'll find Kevin's experience and perspective to be valuable.

As we head into Thanksgiving week, I want to wish you a wonderful holiday with your family and friends. Whether you are celebrating in your own home or traveling, I hope you make some great memories.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best regards,
Debbie Siegel
Westchester Mortgage

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