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Customer Story: A Tale of Two Refinancing Experiences

When Susan wanted to buy her Natick home in 2002, she turned to Debbie Siegel, her Business Networking International colleague, for help. Since then, Debbie has guided Susan through one home purchase and two refinancings. "I thought all refinancings were as easy as the ones I did with Debbie," laughs Susan ruefully.

Unfortunately, Susan was wrong. When she refinanced to take advantage of low rates in 2011, Susan was enticed by the "no closing costs" and rock-bottom rates offered by her credit union. She didn't anticipate the three months of aggravation and legwork that would accompany the attractive offer.

"It was a dreadful, agonizing process," Susan explains. "No one communicated with one another, no one knew the answers, people didn't call back. I spent so much time sending paper around, making copies and following up with people. I was accustomed to Debbie taking care of all the details. It was exhausting to have to do all the work!"

Susan was also surprised to discover that her credit union didn't lock in a rate until the mortgage was approved. As the process dragged on from December 2011 into January and February of 2012, Susan was concerned that rates would rise and she would lose her window of opportunity.

Susan explains: "Debbie locks the rate and then gets the paperwork done and the loan approved in the required time period. There's an incentive to move quickly. I wish I had known that her system is not the way everyone works."

If Susan could go back in time, she says she would definitely have decided to refinance with Debbie. "I would have just said 'If rates hit this number, lock them in' and then the rest of the process would have been so simple," Susan comments.

Debbie responds, "I wish that Susan's saga was unique, but I hear refinancing horror stories all the time. My goal is to make the process smooth, understandable and stress-free. We want to offer both great rates and great customer service."

March's Home Value Improver

Simple Indoor Touches to Celebrate Spring

Even after a winter as mild as this year's, the start of spring still brings a sense of renewal. As crocuses poke out of the ground and winter coats are banished to storage, it's a great time to make your home feel as fresh and inviting as the weather outside. Try these easy tips to brighten your home.

Embrace nature.
With temperatures warming and snow melting, the outdoors is beckoning. Bring a piece of it to your home by decorating with flowers or filling a vase with lemons or other brightly colored fruit.

Switch the curtains.
Nothing stops natural sunlight in its tracks like heavy drapery. Find curtains in light fabrics like lace or voile to make any room feel airy-and thoroughly clean the windows while you're at it.

Update the little things.
Make your house ready for spring without breaking the bank by incorporating cheerful, colorful housewares such as throw pillows, linens, and table settings.

Put wallpaper to good use.
Find wallpaper with a springy pattern or color and use it to line shelving, drawers, or bookcases. Such simple touches are an easy way to incorporate beauty into everyday life without breaking the bank.

Add white accents.
Nothing feels fresher than white, especially when partnered with vibrant accents. White slipcovers or table linens instantly conjure up images of long, breezy spring and summer days, and make great additions to your home.

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March 2012

Do you have a stressful refinancing story to tell? If so, you're not alone. Judging from the stories I hear at social events, refinancing is right up there with remodeling as a challenging process.

It doesn't have to be that way. I work hard to streamline the process, communicate clearly and make refinancing simple.

In this issue of the newsletter, a customer shares her story when she refinanced through her credit union. I hope you'll find her experience and perspective valuable.

Best regards,
Debbie Siegel
Westchester Mortgage

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