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The Most Inappropriate Question You’ll Hear This Holiday Season

During the holidays, you’ll socialize at office parties, family gatherings, open houses and maybe even a formal gala or two. It’s likely that conversation will turn to the real estate market during at least one of these affairs, as home prices continue to fall and interest rates hold steady.

It’s a buyer’s market, we keep hearing. So someone is bound to ask what I believe is a silly, inappropriate question : “Is it a good time to buy property?” - Here’s why: this is usually not a great question:

  1. Some people will say yes, because they think the market has bottomed out and you should take advantage.
  2. Some people will say no, because they think home prices will fall even further.
  3. You’ll end up with conflicting, meaningless information that serves no purpose in your real estate decision.
Asking if it’s a good time to buy is like asking if it’s a good time to get married. It’s not a general question! Every person’s situation is different, and while it may be a perfect time for one couple to get married, it may be a terrible time for another. It’s the same thing with real estate – each decision is individual, based on specific circumstances and objectives.

One couple I’m working with recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary. (They decided last year that it was a good time to get married!) They’re happily renting a two-bedroom apartment in a duplex and saving for a house. A few months ago, however, their landlord informed them that he was selling the house and they’d have to move.

They called me to get their finances in line and see about their mortgage options. Under ideal circumstances, they wouldn’t have called me for another year. But life took an unexpected turn, and now became the right time to look for a house.

The Real Reason To Buy Real Estate
In general, life events – not the market – is the main driver of home buying or selling decisions. Here are some life events that drive many real estate decisions.
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Baby
  • New Job
  • Empty Nesters
  • Retirement
  • External factors – a fire, landlord selling, condo conversions, etc.
During these times, people realize they need more or less space, they can’t afford their current home, or they need to move to a different city, state or country. When going through a divorce, for example, many women want to stay in the family home with the children but realize that they won’t be able to afford it if they have to buy out their ex- husband’s share of the home. Buying a less expensive property becomes an alternative.

If You Can Wait, Wait!
If your current life situation is not triggering a move, stay put for now. It can be tempting, especially for first time home buyers, to want to grab a home that continues to fall in price. But your time may be better spent getting your finances in order and creating a plan so you’re fully prepared to make an informed offer.

Spend some time exploring these questions:
  • How much are you paying per month for your home? Are you looking to spend less or more?
  • Do you have good credit? Get a copy of your credit report(s) and address any discrepancies.
  • What kind of lifestyle do you live? Are you home bodies who want to spend your weekends on do-it- yourself house projects or do you like to get up and go and spend money on recreation like travel and dining? If you like to have cash on hand, you may not want a lot of money tied up in your house.
  • Are you conservative or aggressive financially? This will help you determine how much risk you’ll be comfortable with when taking on a new mortgage.
Prices aren’t going anywhere for a while. In fact, I believe they will continue to fall.

Enjoy those holiday parties. Just don’t make any real estate decisions at them!

Debbie on Fox25 News

If you missed it last month, take a peek at my recent interview with Fox25 News' Bianca de la Garza.

As always, I enjoyed talking with Bianca about my favorite topic – helping consumers find the best mortgage for their unique situation!

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